On a Saturday a few weeks after Labor Day, my husband Josh and I woke up early and snuck out of the house, leaving the kids asleep in their beds (they’re finally old enough). He headed to the park on his bike; I went to a nearby playground to take an outdoor Pilates class (don’t judge). I rolled out my mat, lay down, looked up at the morning light streaming through the oak leaves above, and tried to take deep breaths of the crisp air through my mask. Another pandemic morning in Brooklyn.
Normally I would have put away my phone…

Traf is a designer who has made over $100,000 in six days from selling iPhone icons. A process which, as he admits, barely took him two hours.
The right place, at the right time
On September 16th, Apple officially released iOS 14, opening an entirely new world of home screen customizations to millions of iPhone users. Just five days later, designer Traf went on Twitter to share a picture of his home screen setup, and, it instantly caught the attention of plenty of Apple fans.
Image for post
Source: Traf
Apple enthusiasts turned out to be quite excited to play around with all the new…

Every beauty reporter has a beat, a type of story they like to tell. I cover the end of things. The end of shelfies. The end of sheet masks. The end of products and practices that put an unnecessary burden on the environment, that feed us false ideas of empowerment, that reinforce societal beauty standards.
This sometimes gets interpreted as negativity, which I guess it is, but I’ve always seen the positive in it: The end of the shelfie stops the glorification of overconsumption. The end of single-use skincare means a more sustainable industry. The end of a beauty standard makes…


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